Reil in brief

The village of Reil lies in the Moselle valley in the holiday region Mittelmosel-Kondelwand. It belongs to the rural municipality Kröv-Bausendorf in the district Bernkastel-Wittlich.

Population: 1242
Total area: approx. 12 sq. km
Area of vineyards: approx 120 ha.
Forest: approx. 600 ha.

Mayor (honorary): Artur Greis, Pariser Str. 3, 56861 Reil, Tel.: 06542 22494
Local council: 16 members (SPD: 10, CDU: 6)
Clubs: TUS Reil, Theatre club "Moselleblümchen", Mandolin Club "Mosella", Village Band Reil and "Musikkapelle Moseltal", Voluntary Fire Brigade, Motor Sport club (MSC Reil), Angling Club, Carneval Club, "Möhne" Club, Youth Club Reil, Men’s Choir "Cäcilia", Church Choir

Location of village: approx. 110 m above sea-level
An intact village influenced by cultivating vine and tourism, with train and bus connections every hour, two landing stages for boats, excursions on the river Moselle.
Shops: 13
Restaurants, inns, hotels: 10
Seasonal wine-bars: 5

Heißer Stein:
Location: approx. 3 km from centre of Reil, 250 m above sea-level.
Half-way up 45 houses, very quiet residential area, temperate climate, plenty of hiking opportunities, no public transport to Heißer Stein.